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Sedulur papat

Sedulur papat

Ritual with a white and a red rose for every thursday and sunday-evening.

This ritual confirms the relationship between Ingsoen/Ulon, the human soul, and the four guardian angels and is meant for starters and children who want to meet the angels and introduce themselves to the spiritual world.
You need two big glasses of water, two roses white and red, a piece of paper, waterproof pen and a pair of scissors. Including showering the ritual takes 40 minutes to perform. The rituals bolow are specially meant for thursday and sunday evenings (between 18:00 and 00:00 hours) since this is the best time to fight and protect yourself against negative energy from spiritual opponents (somoro bumi, sengkolo). These words are first keys to introduce your-self to the guardian angels and enter the spiritual world, according to the Javanese tradition. YOU are the core!
Opening of the meditation session, Djopo adus kramas.

Meditation to clean the human body spiritually, use before having a shower and washing.
• Niat Ingson ados kramas,
• Kanggo mbuwak regete awakku,
• Soko gudane Setan,
• Resek mlebuho marang ragaku,
• Reget lungoho soko guo garwaku,
• Slamet soko kersane Gusti. (1x): Soho.
After saying these words take a shower and wash the body from head down to your feet, specially on your back.
Presenting the white and red roses to the angels.

Take two big glasses of fresh water. Write your firstname on a piece of paper in the Javanese language bohoso Ngawi. Cut this out and put the paper so it connects between the two glasses of water; white rose on the left, red rose on the right.

• Niat Ingson Sesadjen, kanggo ngaweruhi sedulorku. Seng momong awakku, kakang kawah adiku siari ari. Sedulor papat limo pantjer. Jo aku iki sirotak djalukhi toelong parigawemu tekoho ingdino iki. Soko kersane Gusti. (1x): Soho

(Translation; Before I begin with Sesadjen, with the intention to acknowledge my four brothers who guard over me. Kakang kawah adiku siari-ari. Of my four brothers the fifth is the core, and that is me. I ask your favour to appear before me today in the name of Gusti.)

Calling Gusti, the Four Angels to clean Ulon.

• Gusti engkang welas asih lan miwoh witjaksono. Sirno beboyo soko ragane Ingson sak lawase. (3x): Soho.

• Jo Gusti,
• jo Djibrael,
• jo Mikael,
• jo Isropel,
• jo Idjarel,
• jo Ingson. (55x): Soho.

Closing of the meditation session.

• Gusti engkang welas asih. (33x) Soho.
• usti engkang welas asih. (258x): Soho.

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